Friday’s Children: Inspired by Regret


Yesterday, I missed my first Thursday’s Children blog hop in like…eight weeks.

I deeply regret this.

However, it does illustrate a very important truth:

Sometimes, you have to give up writing, in order to write.

I’ll leave you to decide what this very enigmatic statement means to you.

Until next week…here’s a comic:

(Cyanide and Happiness, courtesy of

2 thoughts on “Friday’s Children: Inspired by Regret

  1. Well, we make the Linky active until Saturday (HI time) because we understand not everyone’s schedule is Thursday-friendly. Yes, I do know what you mean about giving up one kind of writing for another. This week my WIP has suffered mildly from TC-itis and severely from Beta-furcation. Or something to that effect. I’m just really, really hoping my muse is still panning for gold in the deep and dirty mine that is my subconscious…

    1. “Deep and dirty mine”…FTW!!!

      If loving you is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.

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