Friday’s Children: Inspired by Regret


Yesterday, I missed my first Thursday’s Children blog hop in like…eight weeks.

I deeply regret this.

However, it does illustrate a very important truth:

Sometimes, you have to give up writing, in order to write.

I’ll leave you to decide what this very enigmatic statement means to you.

Until next week…here’s a comic:

(Cyanide and Happiness, courtesy of

2 thoughts on “Friday’s Children: Inspired by Regret

  1. Well, we make the Linky active until Saturday (HI time) because we understand not everyone’s schedule is Thursday-friendly. Yes, I do know what you mean about giving up one kind of writing for another. This week my WIP has suffered mildly from TC-itis and severely from Beta-furcation. Or something to that effect. I’m just really, really hoping my muse is still panning for gold in the deep and dirty mine that is my subconscious…

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