Thursday’s Children 5/16: That’s What She Said. (Or, “I’m too sexy for this post.”)


I was going to write a post about SEX.

But then something came up.

(No punnuendo intended.)

And the something that came up so perfectly grasped the point of this post,

(Definite punnuendo here)

That I decided to combine the two.

In the form of slam poetry.

So. Here we go.



Oh sexy, elusive vixen.

I alternately love you and hate you.

I love you in the morning,

When you send my fingers flying,

So dexterously,

Across the keys of my soon-to-be

Overheated laptop,

Which is named Magnus.

(Because it is quite large. You’re welcome.)

I hate you at 3:00am,

When you send my mind skittering

And reeling through outer space,

Instead of letting me rest

In peace.

And sometimes, inspiration,

I accidentally cheat on you

With your similarly sexy,

But ultimately disease-ridden cousin:


In the throes of passion,

Tangled up in a new idea,

I often wonder:

Is it inspiration I’m courting?

Or panic?

When I decide to add something,

Like clever chapter headings,

On the spur of the moment?

Or when I suddenly decide

To rewrite my entire MS

In first person present

Ten pages before it’s finished?

Is it inspiration,

Who whispers lovingly

And so insistently

Into my warm and susceptible ear?

Or panic?

And how will I know,

Before I ride out the throes,

And wake up with a case

Of morning after regret?

Before I take my MS,

On a metaphorical,

But literary,

Walk of shame?


You tell me, fellow sexy nerds. You tell me.

Also, let’s see if we can’t make this sexy little slice of slang happen:


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12 thoughts on “Thursday’s Children 5/16: That’s What She Said. (Or, “I’m too sexy for this post.”)

  1. Plotbunnies, you say?
    No randy rabbit could tempt me to stray
    From my solidly, stolidly plotted book-mate
    Our marriage is elevated, consecrated, consummated
    I won’t be swayed by temptation, masked as inspiration
    Surely the road to writerly damnation
    I’ve made my bed and I’ll lie In it
    Cry in it, die in it
    Unless, I change my mind.

  2. This is fab. And I will have to drop punnuendo into my conversations from now on. And, I agree, the line between inspiration whispering your ear and all the other crazy voices (like doubt and fear) is sometimes hard to distinguish. Or maybe it’s just the riot in my head!

  3. Let’s do this.

    Tempt me
    Don’t tempt me
    The white-hot blade of love and hate
    Pierce me, slay me, create me, define me
    With your words of steel
    Your darkest dreams.
    Start, stop, begin again
    Entice me with your poetic prose
    Lay bare my muse, my mind, my soul.
    Embrace me, feed me, raise me, live me
    Tempt me
    Yes, tempt me
    Ring from me absolute perfection.

  4. Up and down
    We breathe
    We sojourn
    We blow hard—coffee steam
    Up and down the hide slide
    Two 30’s with 18 young year hearts—
    Inside our fairground: clowns laugh, magic dances & caramel sits on apple—
    Chase after the brunette Moon–we’re not done mapping out the night
    So warm the blinking Mango eye—rebel against the blonde Day
    In her palm, she holds onto it, tight—the sun’s shaft
    We embrace it. We smile. We laugh
    Cool, calm, smells, sweat….
    Sweat… Voice…
    Sweat… sweet…pores
    Smooth taste of safe words

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