If I’m going to feel lonely, I’d rather be alone. There are few feelings worse, in my opinion, Than being surrounded by others who are actively Engaging with one another, while actively disengaged From you. Even if it’s only one person, And that person is choosing not to connect with you. Even—especially—though you’re the only […]

The Danger of Diagnosis

  When I think of the ones who’ve broken my heart In all my life, even if I didn’t know it then There exists a common thread between their stories In that someone else in their lives had already broken them   Does it make it easier, I wonder, to forgive yourself For intentionally doing […]


Dear Graffiti Artist, Why? In the name of Andy Warhol, why? Seriously, why would you do something like that? What is the point? Why climb that overpass, and risk getting pancaked by an oncoming train, Just to tell Joe that he “Sux Ballz?” And you didn’t even spell it properly. Unless you’re from some obscure […]

Seven Stories

I always loved fairy stories, With handsome, prince-filled, Happily Ever Afters.   Like that ONE with the missing glass shoe, Or the TWO kids who get lost in the woods, Or the THREE pigs who build houses.   The first time I saw you, I knew we would be EPIC, Like one of those stories […]

Six Stops

  Six stops. Six stops, including a ten-minute changeover in Newark. That’s how long it took you to get up the courage To let me down “easily.” Six stops. Six, two-minute stops, as mandated by the New Jersey transit authority Or God-Knows-Whoever-the-Fuck is in charge of counting How we waste our lives. Six. Motherfucking. Stops. […]

Single SLAM

(Note: It really helps if you read it aloud, and YELL the ALL CAPS parts.) I woke up today and thought HEY, I’m ALONE in the world With no one to CARE If I live, or DIE. And guess what? That’s YOUR FAULT. Yesterday, I was HAPPY. I thought the world was FAIR And KARMA […]

You Owe Me

Fall into a fantasy, Slip into a lie. Either way, I’ll break your heart. Either way, you’ll lie.   “Too good to be true” is false, Because “happily” isn’t “ever.” “Come what may” is speculation, And “maybe someday” is never.   Give me today and I’ll be glad For the present moment only. If I […]


You never tell me anything Except what I don’t want to hear When I don’t want to hear it.   You never say “I love you” Except when you’ve hurt me Or when I say it first.   You never apologize for anything Until you get caught in the act And you have no other […]

Just One More Hit

I’m just a junkie Looking for another fix Someone to break me Unmake me, again.     I’m just a lover Fighting the wrong fight Hoping for someone To reopen my wounds.     I’m just a liar Telling the same story Wondering why the ending Never seems to change.     I’m just a […]

How Do I Loathe Thee

Passion lends itself to poetry Much better than love. Even better than sadness. Anger is mother’s milk For the lyrical spirit Desperation is fuel.   You can’t make an omelet Without breaking some eggs. And you can’t break through To the heart of the matter Until you feel what it’s like To shake with powerless […]

Why I Fell (for It)

“Careful,” you said. “Don’t get too close to the edge, Or you’ll FALL.” And you gripped me tight Around the waist To keep me from doing just that, Softly, you kissed me By the giant Christmas Tree In Times Square, which was glowing. And I felt the same way From the inside out, I  Tightly, […]

Irreconcilable Differences

  Who gets the dog? The geriatric dog We adopted—purely by accident— Twelve summers ago At that campsite just outside That crappy little town With only one gas station We got stuck in overnight Because the pump ran out of gas. It RAN out of GAS. (The gas station did.) Do you remember that? We […]

Borrowed Shoes

For years, my subconscious has been trying to solve The Mystery of You When you show up in my dreams, sometimes we’re friends Sometimes we’re enemies But we’re never Total Strangers,  The way we are now   I dreamt of you again last night We were going to the movies, but we got lost, together […]

Corner of My Mind

You’re like lyrics To a song that won’t Get out of my head.   Elusive. Maddening. Viral.   You’re the sickness Clinging to my lungs in winter.   Grasping. Weakening. Chill.   You’re the elements Like water, rain or hurricane.   Torrential. Destructive. Breathtaking.   You’re my own Personal poltergeist Always.   Lurking. Unsettling. Haunting. […]