The Title Comes Last

Soul searching, Cannot find map. Legs have gotten tired, Eyes burning with unshed, Unwanted tears.   How long was this road an hour ago? A year ago? Ten years ago?   Am I really lost, Or am I reluctant? Am I tired, Or am I depressed? Am I wandering, Or am I listless?   What […]

A Glimpse of Life in the Fat Lane

This is an excerpt from my short story, “Memoirs of a Fat Ballerina,” which I’ve entered in a few competitions (don’t worry, I checked the rules and I’m allowed to post on here) and which I’m currently thinking of turning into a full-length YA. Let me know what you think! – Love, V “Memoirs of a […]

A Kiss by Any Other Name

A moment of doubt, A brief inhalation; Words become superfluous And instinct rules Time lengthens, Fills all waking memory; The last moment before Is the edge of the first. Feelings rain, The reign of thoughts cease And you’re almost there. Suprising, yet gentle In complete overtaking; Atoms explode, As two bodies collide.

My High School Hell: Part III

The Freshmen Freeze Out: Part III Three days later, I stood up in front of the ENTIRE school and delivered a speech that I made up on the spot. On the inside, I was FTFO like a gerbil on Adderol. But outwardly, I was witty, acerbic and thought-provoking. (Or at least my academic advisor thought so.) […]