Estoy Allegre

Pienso que este dia sera un dia muy bueno.

10 thoughts on “Estoy Allegre

  1. para mi ha sido un dia muy mala porque me duele la garganta y no puedo tomar mi siesta mientras que los necios arriba hacen tanto ruido con sus guitarras.

  2. Verrrronna…..I was thinking… and thinkin and thinking … and I want to be your room/soul mate…. for real. you are perfect. I keep making friends with people that are seniors and they keep ditching me for graduation or stupid husbands. You are fresher meat and are guaranteed not to leave me for a completed GPA. I need some more permanant live-ins cause I’m sick of finding new strange ones that would wear my underwear as they eat icecream and then put the spoon back in the drawer. I don’t want to RISK IT ANYMORE. and here we dedicate to you a moment in the tune of ‘be my lil sunshine’… be my lil roomate.

  3. I say do it! And I shall be your houseboy. And you shall be my dark mistresses. And Jenny shall be my secretary.

  4. I’ll live with you if I can keep my same apartment. And we must have more than one man-slave. In my experience, sharing men slaves just leads to emnity between dark mistresses.

  5. in that decree I will harvest us many man slaves/saints/boys… and does that mean there is an extra room? oooo oooo doggie.

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