Tonight, I was so blitzingly tired that I could barely think straight. Straightly. Straightified. Okay wait I AM so tired I can barely think. At all. Anyway, so why am I writing this instead of sleeping? That is an excellent question. I think it’s because I just needed to rant. The sad part though is that the things I need to rant about cannot be contained on this blog because people would find it and people can’t read what I have to rant about because then they would know and there would no longer be any point in ranting. So there we go. We have just heard my rant on ranting. Now I will conclude with a thought: I wish I went with my gut feelings more often and just did impulsive things once in a while, rather than weighing the consequences and then doing, or more rather, waiting for something crazy and awesome to happen on its own. Their own. Whatever. So my point dear friends is this: Rant. Rant, rant rant rant rant. There. I have now sufficiently ranted and am now ready to go to bed. Though, somehow, I still don’t feel like I’ve solved the problem. Owell, live to try another day. End of message.

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