Angst is a Big Part of My Brand™

For those who are joining this party already in progress, you may find yourself observing something along the lines of


But rest assured, this is part of the plan, the spin, the subjectively applied filter that takes a person and turns them into

A Package Kind of a Deal© or, in other words, A Brand™

My Brand™, for most of my life, has been that of a person who #struggles to find meaning and mirth

In some of the world’s least mirth-conducive spaces, including but not limited to:

Reality, society, education, religion, gender roles, biological families, romance, and all other kinds of relationships

Angst is a big part of that brand, by necessity, if not by design


This feeling of deep anxiety or dread, typically an unfocused one, about the human condition or the state of the world in general

Shown and told through a love of words, the #struggle to define and defend one’s place in the melee

While constantly rethinking our foundations, our stances, our beliefs

Did we choose this battle, or were we conscripted, against our will, without our permission?

And have we already lost this particular battle, in order to win the war?

Also, when is the war? Has it happened already, is it happening right now? What kind of warfare will we be expected to wage?

And how, with our wages, such as they are, can we even afford to make war, anyway?

Take it all with a grain of salt, a lime, and some tequila; Diet Coke™ if you prefer, hold the salt


This is my confession and/or recommendation, friends

As I continue to do, and be KIND OF A LOT, so much; maybe too much if we are being honest

Asking too many questions, picking too many battles, and writing through the anxiety

But then, angst is a big part of My Brand™

Welcome to the melee