A New Year

There was so much to be afraid of, proud of, and grateful for (in 2019)

Holding onto the past was a pastime we sought to reject

Instead of blaming, or destroying, we (some of us) chose to build…and yet

Sometimes, it’s exhausting, and difficult to believe (in a new year)


Yesterday, we thought things were better, but we were (mostly) wrong

Every year, we ask ourselves, “What did we (really) accomplish?”

And every year, we follow up with “How can we do better?”

Reminding ourselves, whether we believe in ourselves, (or not)


We are never really done, and (maybe) our best is yet to come

Every year, we plan, we make lists, to keep us (sort of) honest


And every year, we follow through on some (a few), and forget the rest

Leaving a little room for further growth, further change, and (many) future mistakes

Learning our limitations, priorities, and potential to be greater than we are


Guessing, at times, gambling at others, but always growing

Remember, when you make your goals and (to do) lists this year

Everyone’s best is fluid, and nobody’s worst is absolute (rock bottom)

We all judge each other by impact, and ourselves by intention


Sometimes, that means we fail to calculate our progress

Together, we can redefine what it means to be “better, next year” (actually)

Reminding each other to believe, and hope, and work (even) harder

Otherwise, we are doomed to repeat our past failures

Never realizing how close we came, how many times we (almost) won

Growth is not a destination, or a contest, but a (messy) team sport

Engaging with each other in pursuit of growth is progress

Regardless of how we celebrate, remember to mark how we GREW



“All flourishing is mutual.” But, more importantly, (IMO) “We are only as vibrant, healthy, and alive as the most vulnerable among us.”

— Robin Wall Kimmerer