Five Minutes

In girl time, five minutes is forever.

That’s what you used to say, right?

When I’d say, “I’ll just be another five minutes,”

You would roll your eyes and say,

“Five minutes in girl time is FOREVER.”


And maybe you were right, actually.

Maybe that’s why I feel so sucked dry

Of happiness and the will to live,

Because I was only with you a few weeks

But felt like FOREVER.


And if that’s true, while we’re at it,

You must have lasted FOREVER in bed.

And since we’re on the topic of measurement,

You must also be FOREVER inches long

And make FOREVER dollars an hour.


If “girl time” is so much longer, and more grueling

Then I should accomplish FOREVER times as much,

And when I waste my time, I should know it

Before spending FOREVER building something

You’ll tire and dispose of after FIVE MINUTES.