When Writers Go Wrong: A Blog Series by Veronica Park

When Writers Go Wrong – Part One

by Veronica Park

Twas the night before deadline,

And all through the hovel

Gusted loud, ragged breathing,

And the clang of a shovel.

It started quite suddenly,

If truth can be told.

With a simple suggestion–

No, nothing as bold

As a nag or a mockery

Or a snort of derision.

Just a quiet, calm query,

“Is there food in the kitchen?”

The thing is, dear husband,

Such questions are fine

To ask of a writer

Who is NOT on deadline.

But when words worth writing

Become tough to wring free,

And the clock’s ticking

Chips away at sanity,

That, dearest loved one,

Is when you should remember

That your survival and safety…

Hang by a thread…

In November.


Author’s Note: I posted this a day early, due to the launch of Pitch Wars tomorrow. (It’s going to be EPIC. Don’t miss it!)

However, you can come back every Wednesday for the rest of the year to read more cautionary tales of what happens When Writers Go Wrong.

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