V’s March Madness Goals (In Other Words, a Farewell Letter to All My Friends)

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This month, I’m embarking on a somewhat NaNoWriMo-like goal of completing my current WIP within a single month. MARCH MADNESS. This is like NaNo, in that it requires strict attention to time limits, but it is unlike NaNo in that there isn’t a word count, it’s not limited to just writing goals, and there are PRIZES. As if I need any more incentive to count myself in.

Thus, I’m going to come clean and tell the world about my goals for this month. Not only to keep myself honest, but also so that the people in my life–who are much beloved, despite my tendency to occasionally blow them off in favor of fictional characters–will understand why they might not be seeing a lot of me this month. So here we go…

1. Finish HBS. In order to complete this fabulous WIP, I’ll need to complete 1-2 chapters per day. Most of them are already outlined, so I should be able to clip right through this thing as long as I don’t change any major plot points or try to revise as I–AHAHAHAHAHA, OMG I’m sorry I couldn’t even get through that last part without laughing. I am NOTORIOUS for revising as I go. I’m like the Constant Gardener, or something. (Spoiler alert: I never actually saw that movie.) So this is going to be a challenge, for realsies.

2. Work out every day. This might not seem like a goal that is pertinent to MM, but it will prevent me from going mad. Hopefully. So it goes on the list. At the moment, I’m about halfway through Insanity, and it’s helped me to cope with the craziness of writing full time. I find this fact appropriately ironic, in case you were wondering.

3. Blog 2-3 times per week, so the people in my life know I’m still alive. This goes for Twitter and Facebook as well, I suppose.

4. Read at least 3 new books in my genre, or at least similar to my genre, since I’m not yet 100% sure which genre I consider to be “mine.”

5. Drink my weight in caffeinated beverages. This will likely be a natural side-effect of goals 1-3 anyway, so bully for me.

6. Document the success / failure of said goals on this here blog at the end of the month.

That is all. Booyah.

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  1. Totally inspired by your drive, and definitely going to live vicariously! Good luck!

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