It’s the Little Things, Right?

Remember when you were a kid, and life was either AWESOME or TERRIBLE? Those were good times.
Remember when you were a kid, and life was either AWESOME or TERRIBLE? Those were good times.

Today is a day of mixed emotions. Lately, I’ve been really optimistic about this whole publishing process, happily and busily working away at my next WIP while waiting for good things to happen.

And I believe they will, because sometimes life IS awesome. Sometimes, just like when you’re working on a manuscript, there are moments of unparalleled joy where everything comes together suddenly, surprisingly, completely.

And SOMETIMES, you’ve got to go back and start over at the beginning of the chapter. Sometimes, you sit for hours and stare at ONE paragraph of your story–or a single day in your life–just HATING it with unmitigated, maniacal rage.

The important thing to remember, when moments like this happen, is that while you’re having a total shit day wherever you are… someone, somewhere, is having a miraculous, wonderful and great day. (Maybe you’re not a charitable person, and this thought enrages you even further. But even if it does, you can rest easily knowing that even though that metaphorical person is happy now, someday soon they too will experience the kind of pain and frustration you’re currently feeling. So… it’s kind of a win-win situation.)

An anecdotal example:

My husband is in medical school. He has a final tomorrow. Today, his computer crashed. He cannot take said final without his computer. Somewhere in the world, an author is discovering that they’ve just sold their first book. And while it isn’t me, (at least not today) I feel happy knowing that someone out there is benefitting from the favorable gust of wind which was brought on by karma bitch-slapping my poor husband.

For now, all I can do is make chicken nuggets and squiggle fries. And I can secretly think about how funny this story will be someday, after he graduates. But who knows, maybe in some metaphysical aspect of the universe, I’m actually helping.