Writing Confession of the Day

When I finally finish this book, I am going to be on SOOOO many government watch lists.

(Based on my google search history alone.)


“How do you make improvised blasting caps?”

“Can a mag be turned into a repeating explosive?”

“How long does it take a person to die from [insert wound type here]?”

Btw, Bri, feel free to chime in on any of these. But don’t tell Uncle Sam.


3 thoughts on “Writing Confession of the Day

  1. You might no want to try returning to the country any time soon for fear you’ll be detained by TSA and then never seen again.

  2. Hahahahahaha… Hahahahahahaha…

    Ummm, as if I’m NOT being watched? C’mon, an Army grunt with a masters degree in a foreign country? Psshh…

    So, number 1: Small container filled with anything combustible. ie a small bottle filled with black powder, or the inness of fireworks, or countless chemical combinations. Basically just needs to be something small and compact that will BANG on a timer to ignite a larger bang…

    No. 2: sadly no. Would just blow up all the rounds. In a possibly dangerous manner, but can’t be controlled. Some rounds will burst into shrapnel, others just crack and expel fiery powder (but in a small way).

    No. 3: please insert wound type and location. Also, I can tell you the down and dirty on how to save said life (maybe) if that is at all desired. ie, turniquet is pretty much the go-to for extremities no matter what now (unless it’s a scratch obviously).

    No. 4: wait, what is number 4?

    As always, hot me up with the random q’s and I’ll try to answer. Just don’t tell Uncle Sam either…

    1. This brings me so much joy, I cannot even tell you. Just read the ms and then weigh in on the deets, bro.

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