Choose Your Own Adventure

This post is about endings.

At some point, every writer faces the moment where they have to choose the way their story will end. One of the first and greatest quandaries they face is that of the academic ending vs. the realistic. Whether they know it or not, most people will fight an internal battle with themselves over these two priorities: should they conclude every sub plot, giving the reader a needed sense of closure and answering all of the questions they held in their minds? Or, like real life, should a proper ending leave just a few strings untied. Because let’s face it. How often in “real” life does a character get to find out ALL of the answers they want to know?

So. As I plunge into the last few chapters of my latest beloved project, I can’t help but wonder. Should I go for the poetic, perfect ending that will impress the literary types? Or should I try to teach my readers an important and necessary lesson about life; that sometimes, you don’t get to know it all.

Please expound.