Holy Ship!!! (Or, Things I’ve Learned Onboard.)

In the spirit of the Faceless Men, (Game of Thrones reference. Love it!!!) I’m going to try and post new things I learn, three at a time. Here is what I’ve learned this week:

1. It is not a good idea to bring nothing but 4-5 inch heels on a ship. (Not because you’re not a badass who could totally wear them for 12 hours and remain basically upright the entire time, but because–shocker–they’re against safety regulations.) Bye bye, stilettos.

2. If someone is having a conversation in the same elevator as you, but in a different language, it’s considered “uncool” to clue them in on the fact that you can, in fact, understand them by commenting.

3. Don’t leave your porthole open. Particularly while dressing. In port. Right next to a bunch of Albanian dock workers with HUGE mustaches.

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