30 Second Update: Boston

Sorry, friends. This is the first time I’ve had service since NYC.

Needless to say, this last week has been a HUGE adventure. The first day on our new ship was not unlike the first day of camp; excitement, butterflies and new friends are soon followed by brimming tears and the sudden and visceral urge to vomit uncontrollably.

Some people are instantly cherished, such as the extremely good-looking safety officer who talks like Borat and yells at you in twenty different languages; others, like the former color-guard girl who grew up to be an even crankier and less stylish version of her awkward teen self and who automatically assumes that any halfway decent looking woman who crosses her path must therefore be the older version of her former tormentor–the high school hot chick, aka mean girl. (Anyone who knows me knows this is not the case, of course, since I myself was often a target of the mean girl, as a former bookish type.)

Anyway, these archetypes ate not to be taken as specific individuals (mainly for legal reasons) but more as a generalized picture I am painting for you of my current situation.

All in all, there’s a crap-ton of crazy people, and they’re all incredibly fascinating and entertaining. I’m looking forward to sharing them all…