Ex-Seusses, Ex-Seusses…

Oh, the excuses we’ll make
When the time comes to ‘fess
To all of our crimes.
Whether under duress,
Or guilt-ridden and glib,
Tongues loosened from stewing
That’s when we’ll explain,
Just what we’ve been doing.

While creatively creating
All sorts of fat fibbies,
We’ll stand at attention
And sweat through our skivvies.
Never forgetting
The truth of the matter,
Spitting out falsehoods
Like toads dipped in batter.

Tasty and sweet
Or sticky and soft,
The lies smell like cow pies
As we fling them aloft.
Spinning intricate webs
Of sugar and steam,
We don’t even realize
How silly we seem.

So children, take note
And learn from your betters.
Excuses are words,
And words come from letters.
While some are quite harmless,
Others can chain you
Into lies you can’t live with.
Excuses can stain you.