Twitter-whoring and other Unforgivable Sins

I recently joined the “Twitterverse,” which is something I swore I’d never do, right up there with getting an iPod–because iPods were for hipster elitists who couldn’t walk without a soundtrack–and taking yoga classes seriously.

Unfortunately, life is not something you can ever completely predict, and it seems almost fated that you’ll inevitably end up breaking all of your carefully constructed rules at one time or another. Just look at me: married and rocking an office job at 25 with a Twitter account, an iPod Touch that I can’t seem to live without, and a downward dog that would make the Dali Lama proud (probably.) So who’s to say I won’t also vote Republican or give birth to nine children someday? (Uh… my dead body, over which I will have to step, that’s who.)

The trick to becoming the “best” you, I suppose, is knowing which of your self-promises are okay to break, and which ones aren’t.

Joining a popular trend just because it’s popular probably isn’t really cause for self-loathing, but maybe doing something unforgivable–like wearing kulats–is?

Feel free to chime in if you have any thoughts on this.

2 thoughts on “Twitter-whoring and other Unforgivable Sins

  1. I used to make fun of people with cellphones. I called them “leashes.”

    One day I found myself bewildered at a friend because they purposely left their cellphone at home.

    I presently own an iphone and was browsing bluetooths the other day.

    When I was a kid, I hated the chunky skater shoes look. But then I discovered :”soaps:” Shoes with hard plastic plates bolted to the bottom so you could grind on rails, etc. without a skateboard. I wasn’t even a skater boy, but I coughed up the $80 for those suckers.

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