Confession # 2,567: Celebrity Bonk List

Everyone knows the rule. You’re married. You’ve promised to love, honor and argue with only one person for the rest of your life. You’ll never even THINK of being with someone else, ever again.

BUT… there is a bit of a rhetorical loophole in this binding arrangement. I mean, blessed arrangement. This loophole is based on the 1% chance that Mr. or Ms. A-Lister Celebrity walks into the path of your car and you happen to mow them down, then you have to nurse them back to health as they’ve conveniently forgotten their own identity… Or you know, whatever.

So here’s my list, (husband approved) just in case the stars align into a bull’s eye:

Top 10 – ish

(Not Necessarily in Order of Bonkability…)

Ryan Reynolds – Okay, so I’m a sucker for a six-pack with a side of smart assed wit. I’ll admit it. Probably because I spent a lot of time standing in the corner as a kid, wishing that someone would appreciate my well-meant snark.

Adrien Brody – Shouldn’t need explaining, but gawky and broody are two things that when put together, create magic.

Zachary Quinto  – Spock: Love long and prosper. Enough said.

Josh Hollway – Lost was all the more bearable for his presence. I think you can probably start to guess that I dated a lot of douchebag types when I was younger. I just could NOT get enough of those hot, yet mean one-liners.

Armie Hammer – Like a life-sized Ken doll, only not in its original packaging. My mom never should’ve let me play with those… I think I have a weird thing for plastic now.

Robert Downey Jr. – Some things only get better with age. R-Dowj is one of those things.

David Borneaz – During my Buffy phase, I was obsessed with this guy’s dreamy broodiness. Stephanie Meyer can suck it, this is what vampires should look like.

Jefferey Dean Morgan – I like a man who looks like he could chop down trees all day and still have a little something left over, if you know what I mean. (Actually, I’m not even sure I know what I mean…)

Mark Wahlberg – Pants dropping aside, Marky Mark is the one crush from my childhood I never outgrew.

Ben Affleck – My husband looks like him, so it’s not really even cheating.

Natalie Portman – She isn’t on the list, because I’m pretty sure my husband would have zero objections to me hooking up with her. My objections would be few, and quickly overruled.

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  1. Are you saying that’s a good thing? Because I still kind of thought Syler was hot, especially when he was all creepy and herocidal.

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