On Selling Yourself

Lately, I’ve been stuck in this sort of purgatory between my current life/career and the life/career that I will (hopefully) have a year from now.

I feel like there’s this sort of marshy, uncertain territory that lies between where you are and where (or what) you want to be when you “grow up.” For some, it’s fame and fortune. Others just want a steady paycheck. Still others simply want to be recognized for the person they can be. If only someone would give them a chance to prove it.

But how do you put that on a resume, I wonder? Occupation: stay at home mom with a great deal of unproven business acumen? Or, full-time health care administrator with closet bestseller potential? When does a businessperson become a businessperson? When they get the job at said business? Or is it when they know enough about business that they could conceivably do the job?

Part of me wonders if this debate is really more of a chicken/egg problem. Do you sell yourself as what you want to be, or as what you currently are while hinting at what you hope to be? And how do you ever become an “experienced” anything if you have to be experienced before you can become one?