Food of the Lonely

Blehh. I’ve just eaten half a bag of chips with salsa and stale birthday cake for dinner. This can’t bode well.

Mummy, am I going to die?

If this is how eternally single people eat, I’m afraid. Maybe if I get a roomate my nutrition when I’m by myself at home will somewhat improve. As it is, I eat like one meal a day and then snack on whatever I have in my house because I don’t feel hungry enough to eat actual food. But let me tell you, when you begin eating delicious chips and salsa while watching Whose Line is it Anyway, it’s hard to keep track. Until the bag is gone. Then you know. “Oh, well goodness. I’ve just eaten the entire bag. Dear me, I think I shall vomit. Wait a second, maybe some old cake will help the situation…” Add a glass or two of milk that expired four days ago and you’ve got yourself a winner. Good job, Socrates.

When I wake up with nausea and an insane headache tomorrow, I will probably rethink those nutritional decisions. For now, Ima go try and sleep it off.

One thought on “Food of the Lonely

  1. No way!!! I beat you girlfriend… today I ate some of Damon’s old donuts from the weekend. a leftover meal from the fridge… (not sure what it was exactly or whose it once was, let’s not bring up how old it was.) candy and soda galore and I’m finishing it all off with salame, something you’ve somehow passed on to me. Impressionable I must be!! Beat that chicky!

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