Veronica Needs…

Okay, so this is a game that I presume Robbie made up. Basically, you Google your name and “needs” in quotes, and copy and paste the first 20 results. Mine were funny, and a little scary at times. For some reason mostly about TV shows and orphans…

Veronica needs a diary!

Veronica needs to do some fun episodes by Battousai (I’m gonna go look that up.)

Veronica needs an experienced structured family who will provide strong guidance and mentoring. (true)

Veronica needsto show sum more now!! (really?)

Veronica needs to work on the stakeout skills.

Veronica needs to give Logan a break and stop accusing him of thingshe didn’t do. (Whaa?)

Veronica needs to not answer her phone.

Veronica needs to stop seeingher daughter as evidence that she was suckered. (uhh…)

Veronica needs to make extra money

Veronica needs to find inspiration for a poem (how about misery?)

Veronica needs to find and stop the people responsible fora drug operation on Catalina Island (I’ll get back to you on that one)

Veronica needs your help!

Veronica needs to smoke (well, if Google says so…)

Veronica needs to get to hospital NOW.

Veronica needs a second repair.

Veronica needs something (like a wire tap or a phone trace). (I didn’t write that part)

Veronica needs her mommy!!

Veronica needs to go.

Veronica needs a lot of help with her English, including speaking, reading, and writing.

Veronica needs prayer for healing for her heart against rejection. (woah…creepy Google.)

5 thoughts on “Veronica Needs…

  1. I hope that second repair works out for you. Sorry I didn’t see your comment about Halloween until after Halloween. But we should definitely hang out some time spoon. I mean soon. Hmmm, how’s that for a subliminal message?

  2. Veronica needs to update her blog.Veronica needs to invite me next time she goes to Denny’s.

  3. Horray for blogging! Keep up the good work my friend, and don’t lose hope; your stakeout skills can improve, and those people with the Catalina drug operation cannot hide forever!

  4. Bwahahahahahaha.So I did this just now, because why not? And GUESS what comes right before “Veronica needs to give Logan a break. . .”? Yes, you have it, in MY top ten RIGHT before yours is, “Janell needs to know by August 8 who needs what kind of software upgrades form teh committee chairman.”It was meant to be, ya know.

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