When Life Just Sucks…Have a Lemonade

So, I’ve recently had many, many occasions to reflect on a favorite saying often drummed into me in my youth: “When Life Hands You Lemons, Make Lemonade.” However, for me, this adage presents one very formidable problem. I freaking HATE lemonade. It’s not that I disapprove of it as a refreshing beverage, and nothing personal towards the no doubt ingenious inventor of lemonade, it’s just that I have loathed the taste of lemonade since childhood.

This is probably because no matter how much sugar you pour into it, or how many other types of fruit you add to it, the taste is still a little bit bitter. To me, this is very symbolic of why that saying is total crap.

Having recently been given the opportunity to finally know what it feels like to have one’s heart stolen, smashed, beaten beyond recognition and then unceremoniously returned, I would just like to thank whoever coined the term, “It is better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all.” For, every time someone tells me this, I am reminded of Tommy Lee Jones, who looked the quoter of this phrase dead in the eye, and with a very pissed off expression said “Try it sometime.” This is how I feel when people give me crappy cliché advice. No doubt, this is how everyone feels, tasting the bitter sting of heartbreak and confronted by some jackass who thinks he knows something about your pain because he’s memorized a cheesy line from Shakespeare. Universally, this type of advice is pretty much uncool.

Something I’ve learned these past few weeks, is that no matter how awesome and kick-trash you think you are, how quickly and well you seem to have been able to get over it, or how much of a jerk your ex-true love has proven him/herself to be, you will inevitably find yourself in a moment where you are confronted by something that makes you realize that all your admirable progress has been a lie. That, no matter how much work you’ve put in, how much sugar you’ve added, or how much other fruit you’ve put in trying to disguise the taste, your lemonade still tastes like lemonade. And you realize that you still hate the taste of lemonade.

2 thoughts on “When Life Just Sucks…Have a Lemonade

  1. When life gives you lemons throw them at people who quote Shakespeare.I hate lemonade too! For some reason I drink the berry variety, but I really can’t explain why. Maybe it’s my little give to peer-pressure. Everyone who’s anyone drinks lemonade. Bleck.

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