And You Thought I Was Dead.

HEY!!! This is the first time I have blogged in forever. Mostly because my compy stopped working, and I had to overhaul it again. Also, life has been pretty crazy lately. Ever since we got back from Colorado, and I was faced with the rather formidable task of archiving our awesome adventures, I have found this paltry record keeping task to be a bit more daunting than it actually is. Still, with Robbie and other long-distance comrades in mind, I feel a pressing need to continue.

Currently, I think I have the Black Lung. (Aheh Aheh) No seriously. Two days ago, I started randomly coughing. But I still felt fine, so I ignored it and tried to carry on with my regular, usual capers. But then this morning it got worse. After coughing and hacking myself silly all night (pulling a back muscle at one point when I coughed so hard that I actually fell out of bed), I decided to take it easy today – veggie style. So I spent today on my couch, basking in the insane heat by the light of the television. Sometime around two, [name redacted] stopped by to borrow a movie and then apparently he felt sorry for me because he ended up staying here and hanging out with me all afternoon. I suspect he had nothing better to do. We played cards (I totally wasted him many, many times) then we watched a couple of movies and ordered some pizza. I’m happy to have a friend like [redacted]. While he may be somewhat annoying sometimes, and act like a child, and even sometimes strongly resemble a chimpanzee when aggravated, he’s still a pretty cool guy.

2 thoughts on “And You Thought I Was Dead.

  1. The pencil-parted have the same hormones as the non-pencil-parted; they just have different ways of expressing it. If it weren’t for those hormones, would any sane 20-something feel the need to date? I don’t think so. Let’s be thankful for pituitary glands and the chemistry behind them.

  2. Pituitary? Hmm…perhaps. However, I for one feel that estrogens such as Jenny (especially the wild, passionate red-headed types) deserve a bit more testosterone and less wheatabix in their chosen mates. Men should at least recognize a woman’s hotness, especially when they’re as hot and school teacery as JenX.

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