In One Swale Foop

Tonight was alternately super slow and super stressful. Why stressful, you ask, if it was so slow???

Well, for starters, I started out with a party of twelve, and while I didn’t really mess anything up per se, it began to seem as if no matter what I did, the table would never be content. These tables do come along every once and a while, and so I was not too distraught. But then, I got moved over and almost immediately had three tables within a five minute period. This wasn’t bad either, except it seemed that they would seat me at the worst possible time, right when I was in the middle of taking an order, or as my ticket was dropping in the kitchen.

And then there were the shirts. Damn whoever invented the Eternal Coupon. I swear the host was giving them to me out of some sadistic, boredom motivated ploy. (Okay, maybe I’m giving her far to much credit as a criminal mastermind, when I really should just be blaming bad luck. I don’t know.)

I think the thing that got to me the most was that [my boss] was being such a jerk today. It was as if he came to work having problems with me already.

Everything I did was seen as misconduct, and used as an excuse to berate me verbally several times. I even came close to tears on one occasion, and I NEVER cry in front of people. At least not from my feelings being hurt.

I’m usually very good at pretending not to be offended by the abuse of others. But that’s probably because I usually blame their behavior on something I wasn’t doing that I should have been. It’s not that I’m a people pleaser, I just give myself a lot more responsibility in the creation of any given situation.

So anyway, I felt like I was walking on eggshells for about the last three hours of work. Stupid restaurant politics. Oh well. I think the main underlying reason that I was so sensitive tonight though was that I am beginning to dread the tragic and upcoming loss (okay so it’s temporary) of two of my newest and dearest friends. Guido and Blue Razz are both leaving this next week, and I honestly don’t know how I am going to cope without them. I would never tell them this, of course. Otherwise they would think I’m an oversensitive, emotional girl.

Oh crap… they’ll probably end up reading this at some point now that I think about it. Blast… Oh well. I don’t care. Let them call me a girl if they want to. I love those boys. Also, we’re going to go into business together soon anyway. Lest we forget, we’re making purses!!! …That sounds so lame when you think about it. Man am I ever tired. I do believe that this is probably the longest blog I have ever written. Well, probably not. Okay, now it’s time for me to sleep.

Editorial Disclaimer: The author of this blog wishes to emphasize the fact that this was written under the influence of little sleep, and the residual effects of doing too much laundry prior to spending waaay too much time at [Restaurant-Name Redacted]. Comments contained therein are therefore to be disregarded as inane babble and not used later as fodder for jokes. Robbie, that means YOU.

3 thoughts on “In One Swale Foop

  1. Ironica,Hey, dude. I don’t make jikes about people’s sensitive girly baby feelings. That’s just low. I’m totally gonna miss you guys when I’m gone. We’ll have to play. DOes anyone want to take a road trip to California for a week in August for my brother’s wedding? We can go camping in the redwoods. I love you guys. Today David was being a prick but I called him on it. We argued for about five minutes in the staircase in the kitchen, and I came out on top. I showed him I had the upper hand, told him not to take out his oiutside frustrations on me, and explained that it’s unfair for him to give me more work simply to keep me busy after I’ve completed the original assignment and that such a system of management will only lead to employees taking longer to do the original job. He ended up apologizing, giving me 6 Bueno Bucks (they’re worth more than pesos!), and sending me home and having Tinky finish my job for me. I really can’t believe it worked. I mean, Yes I’m awesome!

  2. I can’t believe you did that Robbie. So low. Wish I had done it first…

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