Pumpkin Spice Anxiety

Each day is a fresh new opportunity

to show the world what you’re made of.

Some days, you’re made of honor. Courage. Art.

Other days, you’re comprised of potatoes.

Baked. Fried. Or liquefied, into vodka.

(Or perhaps, all of the above.)

Really, you have to look at your life

as a semi-intentional mix of many ingredients.

Shaken or stirred, blended, or bottled

you are what you consume, what you imbibe

what you create, what you hate, what you love.

Sometimes, you are relatively basic (or acidic)

other times, you are a miraculous concoction.

But you are never boring, never simply made.

No matter who, what, or where you are

you are anything, and everything precious.

Except at Starbucks, where you are worth twenty-five points, and a misspelled name.