Borrowed Shoes

For years, my subconscious has been trying to solve
The Mystery of You

When you show up in my dreams, sometimes we’re friends
Sometimes we’re enemies
But we’re never Total Strangers, 

The way we are now


I dreamt of you again last night
We were going to the movies, but we got lost, together
And I had borrowed your shoes
The way I used to, all the time, when we were young
You didn’t seem to mind at all

When I eventually lost those too, the way I lost you


In my dream, I went back looking
Tried to find them, or at least remember Exactly Where

I had seen them last

But the shoes I’d borrowed 

Were Long Gone

And so were you, My Friend


Everyone else in my dream was a Stranger

And nobody really knew me

I had to start the dream over, from scratch

Trying to find you again

But that only started A Whole New Dream

A Totally Different Mystery


Where my subconscious moved on to The Next Problem

And forgot about you, again

Somehow, I know you’ll be back though, one day

Maybe not in real life

But next time, I’ll try to remind my subconscious to ask you

Where you went, and Why