#AgentThoughts: You Can’t Always Write What You Want

Everyone thinks they have a story in them. Sometimes lots of stories.

But writing a book isn’t something everyone does. Lots of books, even less so. To make a career out of writing, you can’t just operate on a whim. You need to tether your creativity, kill your darlings, and listen to the wisdom of those who have been  through the ringer more times than you have. Some of those wise and jaded types might even tell you it’s necessary to sell your soul–or a piece of it, at least.

As the saying goes, “if it was easy, you would have already done it.”

Publishing doesn’t happen quick, or easy. It’s not simple, and it isn’t always fun. You rarely get the result you want. Seldom do you get the results you think you’ve earned. Even less often do you feel like you’re doing things exactly how you want to do them.

Just ask any “successful” author, agent, editor, publishing industry professional. They’ll tell you it’s a creative field, with a lot of deadlines, provisos and limitations. Not to mention those nasty little variables, timing, market saturation and trends.

So no, you can’t always write what you want.

But if you try and try, and refuse to give up no matter how hopeless or unfair the world of publishing can seem…I think you’ll find, you’ll get what you need out of the process.

And if all else fails, you’ll become a better writer.