Introducing…The Spring 2014 “NanoRedo” Showcase!

Dear Writer Friends,

You may have noticed of late that my blog is slightly balding. This is not due to apathy, but is an unfortunate side-effect of my multi-career hubris and its accompanying workload. Also, I’m kind of missing the awesomeness and joy that was brought on by my last series, “When Writers Go Wrong.” Therefore, I would like to introduce a fun new series, and invite you all to participate!

Here’s how “NanoRedo” is going to work:

Step One: Take the first page of last year’s NaNoWriMo manuscript (the pre-edit version) and paste it into a word document. (I’d prefer stories that are finished or at least mostly complete in some form–whether or not you finished them within the NaNo time frame.)

Step Two: Write up a short, 3-5 paragraph (less than a page, please) description of the following:

A. What gave you the idea to write this story?

B. What were some of the biggest obstacles you faced when turning your story idea into an actual, readable manuscript?

C. Did you figure out a way to overcome those obstacles and fix those problems through editing? If so, how? If not, what did you do instead?

Step Three: Paste the edited, polished (or totally new, if you re-wrote) version of your first page at the bottom, after the description of your editorial journey.

Step Four: Attach that document to an email and send it to me at veronica dot park at live dot com (no spaces, and actual symbols). Please also include links to your personal blog or author website, Twitter homepage and Facebook page. If you met all the requirements and followed directions, I will feature you on my website, and all sorts of editors, agents and industry types will get a chance to sample your work and–more importantly–witness how great you are at fictional problem solving.

Because trust me, being a good writer is great. But being able to see and fix your own shortcomings as a writer? That’s pretty much worth its weight in GOLD in this industry. True story.

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