When Writers Go Wrong: The Blog Series

In case y’all haven’t noticed, I’ve been a bit busy, a bit hard to locate, a bit crazy, a bit absent-minded of late.

As most publishing industry peeps will tell you, there’s an excuse for this. It’s called November. And it’s only going to get more insane when the month ends. Because then, I’m actually going to have to EDIT everything I’ve written / acquired / scheduled.

That’s why, in the interest of preserving reliable content and entertaining the masses, I’m going to host a fun little series of guest posts about what happens When Writers Go Wrong.

So come one, come all, fellow writers with waning sanity. Step right up and join the sh**show! Your guest post can be humerous, cautionary, educational, fictional , or all of the above!

Sign up ASAP to reserve your WWGW slot by posting your name and blog address in the comments below. You can also DM me on Twitter @VeroniKaboom.

Happy unraveling!

PS: Also, stay tuned for my PitchWars 2013 Mentor Bio, which goes live on 11/20! Embrace the carnage!

Actually, I feel like I need at least one more random catchphrase on this post. Uhhhh… Drugs are for thugs!

(YESS. Nailed it.)

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