Thursday’s Children 4.4.13: Inspired by Music [VIDEO]


We’ve already talked about how music can inspire us to write better, longer, more vividly…how it can help silence the myriad voices of self-doubt in our heads long enough to allow pure, unadulterated genius to flow forth.

That said, I’m not one of those people who can listen to music while I’m writing. So instead, I like to listen to a few songs before I write. Or better yet, I like to watch a few.

Why do I find music videos so inspiring? In a word? IMAGERY. Talk about taking a whole bunch of complex thoughts and feelings and condensing them down into a succinct easily-relatable package…these short video clips take narrative to a whole new level, sometimes even telling an entirely different story than the song itself, yet somehow making it all fit together in the end.

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17 thoughts on “Thursday’s Children 4.4.13: Inspired by Music [VIDEO]

  1. I’m the same – sometimes NEED to listen/watch before, cannot listen during. Also you’re right about the whole “story in 2 minutes 47 seconds” thing too. I was just watching/listening to the music video/trailer for one of my all-time favorite movies (because it related to WIP) and was thinking it was brilliantly done.

  2. Same here. I used listen to music while writing. Now, it seems I need it (sometimes) to get inspired. Once I start writing, I need quiet.

    Love, Paramore & Sia:) Great post. Love the songs. Thanks for introducing me to the music of David Guetta.

    1. Love the comments! Keep em coming? And PLEASE feel free to recommend any cool new videos I should watch.

  3. Oooh, that’s interesting! I listen to WIP-themed music when I can, but I write in silence in the early morning. I like the idea of a music video first to get me going. Nice tip!

  4. I love both these songs but I hadn’t seen the Paramore video before. And it’s so true what you said about so many thoughts and feelings being condensed down to just 3 or 4 minutes. If I’m in the mood I sometimes listen to music when I’m writing – when I’m editing though I need total silence.

  5. Music is a huge inspiration for me as well! I find it really helps me add some passion into prose. Great post 😀

  6. Very interesting & I can totally understand where you’re coming from about the difficulty of writing WITH music playing. I love my Hans Zimmer and what not but sometimes, I do have to shut if off so I can focus on the words. Wish I could watch the videos that you posted right now, but I’ll have to wait until I leave work : )

  7. Great videos. Like you, a lot of times I watch videos or even a little TV to get myself jazzed for writing and to silence the head monkeys of doubt. If I’m already writing, I sometime take a break and watch something to get me going again too.

    I’ve been watching the winter palace scene of Dr. Zhivago to bet me ready to write the sequel to my current story. It’s more the over all feel of the scene–joy which isn’t going to last.

  8. I usually listen to music while I’m writing, but I love the idea of watching a few videos before starting. I’m going to have to give that a try! Thanks for the suggestion! 🙂

  9. I need quiet when I write, but I do use music to inspire me throughout the day. Sometimes, I know I’m writing a particular scene and listen to music of the appropriate tone.

    But I also seek out a theme song for each manuscript. A singular song or pair of songs that gets me revved for writing, almost like the music a batter has played for themselves as they come up to bat.

    Last manuscript, it was “Thistle and Weeds” by Mumford. I have a few contenders for my current project, but haven’t nailed it down just yet.

    Great post.

  10. I often write with the TV on & video clips in the background… (yeah, I’m lazy), but it’s because I like associating pictures with the music I listen to. Great post 🙂

    1. E: I used to write with the Syfy channel on in the background, but then I started getting all wrapped up in those cheesy ghost hunter shows.

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