Thursday’s Children 3.14: Inspired by Desperation


Dear Friends,
I’m afraid today’s post is more like a cry for help than an inspirational and/or amusing rant.

The gist is this: I’m attending a conference at the end of April–about which I am very, extremely stoked–and I need to submit the first 10 pages of a WIP for editor critique. The problem? All of my current WIPs are technically on sub, so I can’t use any of those manuscripts or ideas. So I need to write something new, and amazing, by the end of this week.

Now, here’s the catch: I’m good with deadlines. (And by good, I mean that I’m like Indiana Jones when it comes to getting under the wire just before it impales and/or squishes me to death.) But I’m also a bit of a perfectionist. (Cue Sesame Street ditty here: one of these things is not like the other…)

Therefore and finally heretofore in summation I would like to propose/entreat/beg the following favor of my dear readers and fellow Thursday’s Children writers: I need some emergency beta readers.

My only requirements are willingness, a modicum of sanity, and a working knowledge of the YA/NA contemporary genre. The lucky victims–I mean volunteers–who are chosen will have the *once in a lifetime* chance to read 10 pages of pure, desperation-driven fiction GOLD, written in the style of panic by yours truly.

So, step on up, kids! Anyone who’s interested, email me at veronica dot park at live dot com.

MANY THANKS, in advance.

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Discussion topic: how do you feel about deadlines? Do they motivate, taunt, inspire, or stress you?

13 thoughts on “Thursday’s Children 3.14: Inspired by Desperation

  1. Wow – I think I’d be the one squished by the huge boulder… Much easier to beta read. If you need readers email me at raewynmhewitt at gmail dot com

    Great opportunity though!

  2. Oh! I don’t read contemporary, but the ladies above are awesome! You can do this. Take deep breaths, and as Morpheus (from The Matrix) would say, “Don’t think you can, KNOW YOU CAN.” We believe in you 🙂

  3. It looks like you may have enough readers, but I’d be glad to as well. CPing always inspires me. pates den [at]gmail [dot]com

    1. Thanks so much for the AMAZING outpouring of support, everyone! I’ll be sending out pages (hopefully) by tonight!

  4. Good luck, Veronica 🙂 Looks like you have enough readers, but I’d be glad to help. Sending positive vibes your way!

  5. Good for you. Get those juices flowing. I have a great group of beta readers, mostly MG–some of us are branching out into YA. Hope you get that reader –fast. Best luck with pitching mystery project.

    1. Update: pages are finished (as much as they will be for now) and sent.

      Thanks so much to everyone who helped, especially at such short notice!


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