This Occasion Calls for Pomp. It Demands Circumstance.

‘Twas two weeks til Christmas
Down here in “Grenade.”
Not a snowflake was falling,
But to Santa I prayed.
“Please send me an agent,
The sooner the better.
Ideally, that guy with glasses,
Who can really rock a sweater.”

When, what to my screen-bleary eyes should appear,
But a Skype call from [said Dream Agent] to chat about my career?

I rose from my laptop with such a great clatter,
My kitten came running to see what was the matter.
“Oh Skellie!” I cried, (cause my hubby was gone)
“What a momentous occasion! I must put some pants on!”

What followed was a magical,
And brief conversation.
Which only served to increase
My writerly elation.

At the end of the day
When my hubby arrived,
He remarked, “No more querying?
Hooray! You survived!”

The End Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship


2 thoughts on “This Occasion Calls for Pomp. It Demands Circumstance.

  1. Yaaaay!! And the best thing about making it official is that you never have to put pants on again!

    Wait, what? That’s not true? BRB, have to go send apology flowers to… someone.


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