On If, not When

Every aspiring author has a few nights of weakness. Nights where they lie awake, questioning whether they have the sanity or the willpower to continue in their chosen career. (And if you don’t have this problem, I’d really like to meet you. So I can punch you in the face. No offense.)

For most of us, the mental hamster wheel is kept spinning with questions like, “When will I find the right agent?” or “How many more times should I try to revise this godforsaken manuscript before it takes the rest of my soul with it?” And so on, and so forth.

But let’s be honest. While we all stress about the How’s, the When’s, the What’s, the Who’s and the Why’s more than we’d like to admit, the greatest question of all–and the one that most often goes ignored–is If. For example: “If I get an offer, how much will my day-to-day life actually change?” Or, “If I get rejected by the entire publishing industry, what will I do next?”

If you thought the “What If” Game was fun, just wait until you try the “If, Then” Game. If [situation] happens, I will [action]. You could lose sleep for WEEKS with this little gem.

You’re welcome.