You only get to claim a fresh start a few times in your life.

There’s the very first day of school, when no one knows you at all…when you haven’t yet made a single new friend, turned in a single homework assignment or pissed off a single teacher.

Then there’s the day you go off to college or university. For some of you, this can’t be considered a fresh start, because you stay close to home or bring some of your closest friends with you. But it’s a chance, if nothing else, to re-evaluate and perhaps “edit” out some of the more undesirable parts of your past life, taking out some of the bad traits to make room for a fresher, better you.

Most people don’t get another fresh start after this. Once college is over and you’ve started your new job–dragging your resume and academic history along with you–most of you will have a spouse, some kids or at least a significant other looking over your shoulder and reminding you that you are…in fact, still you.

But what if that wasn’t the case? What if, at this age when everything has finally stopped growing and things are completely as they are…what if you had a chance to leave everywhere and everyone you know? What if you were able to start fresh, to move to a place where (unlike the popular song at the beginning of Cheers) no one at all knew your name? What if you were given a chance to re-tool or re-invent yourself as the person you most want to be, without fear of judgement from your current friends, family, school-teachers, advisors, church people, or coworkers?

Would you take advantage? Would you feel liberated, excited, scared? And, if you did succeed in the invention and debut of this better, brighter, cooler “new” you and no one you met suspected that you hadn’t always been this brilliant, fantastic, together person… would your new life, your fresh start, feel like a lie?

You tell me.


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    1. So…you’re saying it’s cool if I start calling myself Captain Awesomeface MacGuyver?

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