Okay, so your plane wrecks on a freaky island with bizarre animal life and a wierd time traveling wheel thingie in the middle. Those things have nothing to do with this story though, so you ignore them. You don’t have any tools or food, so you’re probably gonna die pretty soon.

You’re completely alone, and the following items were not destroyed by the crash:

A DVD player

A September 2008 issue of People

Two movies (you get to pick which ones)

And one half of a book (it got torn in the crash, and CLINCHER: you only get the 2nd half)


1. Which movies did you choose?

2. If the DVD player only has enough batteries for one viewing, which one do you watch?

3. Which book did you choose, and why?

4. What will you do with the essentially useless periodical that just happened to survive the crash?

5. A polar bear tries to eat you only an hour after you crash. What do you throw at it?

3 thoughts on “The Absolute ESSENTIALS

  1. 1. “Time Machine Operation” and “Castaway.”

    2. “Time Machine Operation”

    3. “Freaky Island Flora and Fauna” The book is divided into two parts: the first, “Evolution of Freaky Flora and Fauana,” the second, “Things You May Eat and Things That May Try To Eat You.”

    4. Throw it at a Polar Bear if it tries to eat me. According to Freaky Island Flora and Fauna, Freay Island Polar Bears are ravenous for Pop Culture.

    5. See #4

    1. Haha… Why do I get the feeling that you made all of those up?

      And I do get Castaway, but seriously. How much can we reaaaaly learn from Tom Hanks?

      Ps: he cheated, there was FedEx.

      1. Hence I don’t even bother to watch the video 🙂 I just have it so I can leave it behind. The next person stranded on Freaky Friday might appreciate it.

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