Being a Hero is Fricking TIRING, Man.

There comes a time in every great adventure when the hero stops being caught up in the thrill of the chase. The newness has worn thin, the path has grown troublesome, and shit happens.

In Lord of the Rings, it’s that part where Frodo starts sleeping a lot and Sam keeps talking about potatoes.

In Harry Potter, it’s pretty much the entire fifth volume in the series.

In Land Before Time, it’s when Little Foot falls down that hill. But I digress.

My point is, I’m pretty sure that no one is ever really supposed to live in a perpetual state of adventure. Sooner or later, the challenge ceases to promote personal growth and becomes an eroding force, chipping away at a person’s will to go on. The journey turns exhausting and monotonous, until the hero eventually forgets why they embarked in the first place.

That’s when the story goes in one of two directions: either upward and into a climax of glory, or downward into a self destructive spiral.

Edmond Dantes, Dorian Grey, Ebenezer Scrooge… All went in one direction or the other.

Which way will I go, I wonder?

2 thoughts on “Being a Hero is Fricking TIRING, Man.

  1. Well if you decide to quit I’ll buy a house and you can live in my basement. Is the job wretched? I feel terrible for holding you at gunpoint until you crossed the ships gangway. They can’t make you stay. cut the ropes on one of those lifeboats and get the hell out. Or is this post completely just a deep thought and nothing to do with a job that has become lackluster?

    1. No it’s not awful. As with any useful occupation, there are good days and bad days. Not to worry, it’s a thrilling adventure.

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