Things I Miss…

Hmm… I feel like I’ve done this before.

Deja vu, Deja vu… Oh, right!

I HAVE done this before. Back when I moved away to Vail, all by myself, all those years ago. So I won’t go on ad nauseum.

But just so you know, here’s what you should be feeling grateful for this season:

TV shows. Ones that show when they’re actually ON. Not two weeks, or two years later. Also, there’s only so many times you can watch season one of Smallville and How I Met Your Mother.

The ability to GIVE things away. When I got here, I quickly discovered that many of my beloved shoes were not “appropriate” for wear during an ocean voyage. Overboard, shmoverboard, I say. At least I’d be plummeting in style. Back home, I would’ve just tossed them in storage or given them away to my dearest and most deserving girlfriends. Now, I am left with only two options: garbage, or air mail. Par avion if you will. Expensive. Tragic.

Snack foods. Don’t get mad at me for bemoaning the woes of constant 4-star cuisine. Or yeah, I guess you’re entitled. But seriously, there are some times where all you want is a bag of microwave popcorn and a big 44-Oz Diet Coke from the gas station down the street.

Finally… A home. Call it prosaic, but it just dawned on me that I am now technically homeless. Maybe not “I live in a cardboard box beneath the underpass” homeless. But definitely “wandering the world with all my worldly possessions stowed in a trunk” homeless. What’s that called again?

Oh, right. Vagrancy.