“Go Time”

Okay people, it’s time to stop playing around.

Up until now, I’ve been sneakily working on this book (along with my little secret club of Closeted Novelists–not kidding, that is our actual name) in between long hours at the office and usually after I release my stress doing mindless, pointless activities like yelling at the television while watching America’s Next Top Model and doing laundry. (Which is somewhat necessary, yet pointless.)

Up until now, I’ve limited my comments about the SINGLE most important thing in my life right now (aside from my husband and soulmate, obviously) to “oh, yeah, I’ve been working on this thing… It’s not a big deal” or “I really can’t talk about it. It’s a work in progress.” but really that’s just lame, because I SHOULD be talking about it. I spend like 90% of my time THINKING about it, so there really is no excuse. This story: Me :: Porn and Beer : Frat Guys. (And if you got that reference, I officially love you.)

So here we go, this channel is now ALL ACCESS, all the time.

I am also going to try my hand at tweeting. So, brace yourselves. Cause it ain’t gonna be pretty…