Love is…

Never not having to say you’re sorry.

Telling someone “it’s okay,” even when it’s not yet.

Being hilarious in awkward situations, and refusing to be awkward in embarrassing–yet hilarious–situations.

Accepting someone not in spite of, but in the entirety of their failures and triumphs put together.

Refusing to judge untill all of the details are transparent; realizing that all of the details about a person never will be.

Embracing singularities.

Seeking someone out when they become lost, laughing at their jokes and above all, giving a damn.

Changing for the better, and never being done.

Getting going when the going gets tough, without complaining.

Loving someone enough to tell them when they’re being stupid, or when you are.

Keeping in mind that everyone can change, but not expecting that someone will.

Complete honesty, when called for.

Permanent forgiveness.

Forgetting negativity, abandoning past offenses, and taking criticism with a grain of salt.

Compassion, triumph of optimism over cynicism, happiness in adversity, courage in the face of impending disaster, and knowing when to shut up and hug someone.

One thought on “Love is…

  1. I find I have to say, “I’m sorry,” more frequently.

    However, yup, any potentially awkward situations is just funny. I knew I could potentially marry William after we survived some terribly awkward moments on our first few dates. (Unfortunately, so awkward that the contents thereof are not for public consumption.)

    A very good list 🙂

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