Another clip from another story…

Sara stood on the rooftop of the opposite building, five stories above where she’d just been sitting. She stared down at the man on the parking garage as he rubbed his face in frustration. No doubt, he was seriously questioning his sanity right now.
Which was exactly what she wanted him to do.
Thinking back about five minutes, she could not explain to herself what the hell she had actually been thinking. The guy was going to be number fourteen in Famous Magazine’s Top Fifty Sexiest People Alive list in just a few years. He was the absolute last person in the world that she should have been nice to today.
But it couldn’t be undone now. That was her personal curse; and didn’t that really just blow. Everyone else in the world was completely able to atone for their sins, except her. Whatever mistakes she made, she had to live with forever. Which was, of course, probably the biggest reason that she really, really should have known better.
Glaring into the rising moon as its sliver of light cast shadows across the streets of Hollywood, she couldn’t help but think that today’s ultimate screwup would only be the next in a long line of permanent, irrevocable mistakes.

*This one’s my personal favorite at the moment.

One thought on “Another clip from another story…

  1. I'm so intrigued. You said hell, mentioned a sexy man, and a woman who must live with her sins. I must read more. Honey, you are a good book. You will be known and read and seen in the windows of Barnes and Borders. They will make movies of your books. They will read excerpts to music at dingy coffee shops. Will you have an alias? I mean you have to have an alias. Who would Sydney be without hers. I'm just so excited, and jealous and proud. I mean you have to finish these books. I read alot, I have a total valid opinion. I know good words. And you, you OOOZE them. Hurry and let's get these to the press. I'm so freakin serious right now. And I want some of your brownie explosion stuff. That's good stuff. And I wanna cuddle and watch a movie with ya'll.

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