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Here is my current predicament:

I have too much creativity, too little direction, and far too many other things to do with my time. I recently began my second to last semester of school, into which I have to cram the last ten or so GE’s, major requirements, internship credits, and enough food service work to satisfy the ravenous demands of the newly married budget. (And I of course use the term “budget” loosely.) I’ve just been told that I’m going to be considered for a Fall internship at a locally prestigious newspaper (har, har), in addition to working on staff (required, of course) at the School’s Newspaper, which I will hereafter refer to as the “Daily Planet”. (Because I’m a huge nerd, obviously.)

Anyway, so I’m a metro reporter for the National/World news desk, assigned the task of coming up with at least two stories a week, and as I began to research my first article I realized: I have been totally oblivious as to what the hell is going on. I didn’t even know the name of Obama’s VP pick, for crying out loud! So now I’ve submerged myself into a subject matter that makes me feel ignorant and out of the loop, but where I have to somehow tread and come out sounding like an expert. My prospects are bright, but extremely stressful, and I’ve become increasingly more lazy when it comes to busywork as my education has progressed. So what do I do? Shall I take it easy on myself and, like thousands of other newly married girls, take a number and step out of line because “married life is such a big adjustment”? Should I jump in with both feet and risk a huge, embarrassing flop? Have I forgotten how to be a good reporter?

Pressing questions, all. Perhaps I should have entitled this post “rational fears”…

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  1. Holy cow… I just saw a comment you made on my blog about a year ago… and realized I NEVER CALLED YOU BACK ABOUT POLITICS!!!I am idiot. By the way… you are an awesome writer. Good job 🙂

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