A Lesson on Character

Yesterday I was having an e-mail conversation with my dear writer-friend when she mentioned feeling that her characters were “run of the mill” or one-dimensional, whereas mine seemed more “real” or complex. Faced with such flattery, I had to admit to her that I am a big fat cheater. Because I don’t create my characters out of thin air. […]

It’s Over. Now What?

***This post has been resurrected from two years ago. Now, I feel as though I can apply it to my college education with little or no shame. When I someday sit down and write the story of my life, it will be merely the highlights–the parts that I remember, that have stood out in some […]

[Insert Byline Here]

Here is my current predicament: I have too much creativity, too little direction, and far too many other things to do with my time. I recently began my second to last semester of school, into which I have to cram the last ten or so GE’s, major requirements, internship credits, and enough food service work […]