My High School Hell: Part II

And now, for the second chapter of the epic (and real) teenage saga: The Freshmen Freeze Out: Part 2 I was still left with doubts as to how I was going to survive in the predatory ecosystem that was Inferno High School. Where was I going to fit in? What link of the food chain […]

My High School Hell: Part I

Hello, my interweb friends. This week, I’ve been working on a new idea for a YA book that’s loosely based on my own (rather traumatic) High School experiences. Here is an excerpt of a true story from my pre-pubescent journal. You tell me if you think it would make a good story or not. The […]

A little taste of SEE NO EVIL

Because I care…a random excerpt from one of my many random writing projects. (Don’t worry, this scene has now been cut from the current draft do it won’t spoil anything for those of you who will eventually read it. Spoiler alert: in this story, the protagonist is blind.) “Hey, Silas?” Michael’s voice drifted toward him […]

Ex-Seusses, Ex-Seusses…

Oh, the excuses we’ll make When the time comes to ‘fess To all of our crimes. Whether under duress, Or guilt-ridden and glib, Tongues loosened from stewing That’s when we’ll explain, Just what we’ve been doing. While creatively creating All sorts of fat fibbies, We’ll stand at attention And sweat through our skivvies. Never forgetting […]

Refurbished Poetry: Poe for the People.

Dear Edgar Allen Poe, I am so, so sorry for this. The Emo with the Raven Hair… Once upon a work day dreary, while he toiled, depressed and bleary, Over quarterly earnings and “FYI” e-mails he’d rather ignore, Disembodied, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping, As if a tiny TuPac was rapping, rapping at […]

Refurbished Poetry: Back in Black

Disclaimer: Do not read this if you are a) easily offended or b) you do not know who Lewis Black is. A Tribute to Lewis Carroll (in the style of Lewis Black) How doth the little crocodile Improve his shining tail? Oh, I don’t know. Maybe he polishes himself with the corpses of his victims, […]

To: Halo, Love: The Dorks

Welcome to my new “Poetry Renovation” series. I got the idea for this a few days ago, when I was sitting at work, thinking deep thoughts. Deep, dank, stalagtitious thoughts… Anyway, here we go. Poetry Renovation – Version 18.2 Shall I compare thee to a woman’s face? Thou hast better graphics and art more enthralling. […]