Writing Confession of the Day

When I finally finish this book, I am going to be on SOOOO many government watch lists.

(Based on my google search history alone.)


“How do you make improvised blasting caps?”

“Can a mag be turned into a repeating explosive?”

“How long does it take a person to die from [insert wound type here]?”

Btw, Bri, feel free to chime in on any of these. But don’t tell Uncle Sam.


3 thoughts on “Writing Confession of the Day

  1. Hahahahahaha… Hahahahahahaha…

    Ummm, as if I’m NOT being watched? C’mon, an Army grunt with a masters degree in a foreign country? Psshh…

    So, number 1: Small container filled with anything combustible. ie a small bottle filled with black powder, or the inness of fireworks, or countless chemical combinations. Basically just needs to be something small and compact that will BANG on a timer to ignite a larger bang…

    No. 2: sadly no. Would just blow up all the rounds. In a possibly dangerous manner, but can’t be controlled. Some rounds will burst into shrapnel, others just crack and expel fiery powder (but in a small way).

    No. 3: please insert wound type and location. Also, I can tell you the down and dirty on how to save said life (maybe) if that is at all desired. ie, turniquet is pretty much the go-to for extremities no matter what now (unless it’s a scratch obviously).

    No. 4: wait, what is number 4?

    As always, hot me up with the random q’s and I’ll try to answer. Just don’t tell Uncle Sam either…

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